Design Management Plan

A suite of 31 management plans were developed under the Interim Alliance Agreement prior to the start of SCIRT, to intentionally guide the organisation. These plans were reviewed annually and updated as required.

SCIRT’s Design Management Plan provided the framework for effective design activities and explained how those activities were to be undertaken to meet requirements and support the achievement of rebuild objectives.

The plan concerned all design activities associated with permanent works for a rebuild programme. The overarching goals were to:

  • Define the organisational requirements and objectives that impacted on design.
  • Streamline and simplify the design process to minimise durations while not compromising the overall quality of a final product.
  • Identify quality assurance requirements, including approvals/sign-offs/reviews.
  • Provide efficiency in coordination and cross referencing.
  • Assist in decision-making.

The plan was a working reference system used by SCIRT’s designers, enabling them to understand the design management systems and quickly locate design criteria and control data.


 Design Management Plan Cover
Design Management Plan

A document that defines the requirements and objectives of design activities for SCIRT's reconstruction of the city's horizontal infrastructure and describes how these activities should be implemented.


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