Design Library and Template Documents

The SCIRT design library was created to provide an accessible (single) location for electronic design-related information to be held for use by the design team.

The library contained a suite of 63 design guidelines and commonly-used templates, and was created in Project Centre (a web-based project delivery system) so designers could view and download library documentation. Document control for the library was the responsibility of the SCIRT librarian, to ensure consistency of document naming convention and filing structure.

The design guidelines provided clarity/assistance with required process, including interactions with external parties for agreements/approvals (including utility providers and the Christchurch City Council’s heritage and arborist teams); information on the expectations and responsibilities of roles created to ensure compliance with the processes (such as the roles of technical advisors and the technical forums); and guidance on bespoke design tools developed by designers which could be used by the team.

It was possible to search through key descriptions attached to each design guideline for keywords, information relating to the author, the technical category to which the guidance applied, original date of submission and the revision number.


DG018 Document Control Cover
DG018 Document Control

A guideline which defined the process and ownership of templates used by the design team and the management of the design team electronic library.


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