AutoCAD – a Drafting Tool

SCIRT integrated standardised software systems and developed macro tools to maximise design and drawing efficiencies. One of these systems was AutoCAD, used for construction and as-built drawing preparation.

Throughout its five and a half year programme, SCIRT designers produced more than 30,000 wastewater, storm water, water supply, and roadway drawings. These included lift stations, pump stations, pipe replacement, manhole replacement, pipe linings, patch repairs, and segment repairs for wastewater and storm water networks. The water supply network required replacement pipes, hydrants, valves, and thrust blocks. Roadways required repairs to grading, kerbs, footpaths, and berms.

AutoCAD was compatible with 12d design software, and helped automate many repetitive tasks, making the design process faster.

Specific AutoCAD tools were created in-house and maintained consistency across the team. Time and cost savings were achieved by automating plotting, file naming, and titleblock updating of drawings.

Training was provided for people who had not previously used AutoCAD, and ongoing support was provided to users for the duration of the SCIRT programme.

Across all members of the design team, more than 24,000 hours were estimated to be saved with development and implementation of integrated, automatic AutoCAD and 12d tools.

The attachments below include three AutoCAD manuals and two zip files containing SCIRT CAD customisation tools.

Glossary terms

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design)


SCIRT AutoCAD Customisation Manual - General Tools Cover
SCIRT AutoCAD Customisation Manual - General Tools

A manual which provides SCIRT AutoCAD users with general guidance about how to use AutoCAD.


2.03 MB

SCIRT AutoCAD Customisation Manual - Overview Tools Summary Cover
SCIRT AutoCAD Customisation Manual - Overview Tools Summary

A manual which informs SCIRT AutoCAD users of all tools, utilities, keyboard shortcuts, and tips available within the SCIRT CAD System.


1.07 MB

SCIRT Draughting Manual Cover
SCIRT Draughting Manual

A manual which assists SCIRT draughters to perform quality draughting.


4.55 MB

AutoCAD Shared Files Cover
AutoCAD Shared Files

A zip file containing:

  • Drawing Register template spreadsheets
  • A full collection of multi-discipline symbols used within the SCIRT drawings
  • Group and Catalogue files for setting up the SCIRT AutoCAD Tool Palettes
  • A 12d to AutoCAD Export Map File which 12d uses to export plans from 12d format to dwg format.


108.34 MB

SCIRT CAD Tools Cover

A zip file containing the suite of SCIRT CAD customisation tools. This file contains:

  • SCIRT CAD LISP routines (198 files)
  • SCIRT CAD dialogue box files
  • a complete set of layer lists
  • a full set of text files containing the complete list of street names in Christchurch
  • templates and lists used for translating 12d outputs to useable dwg reference files
  • a full set of SCIRT CAD manuals
This file is not sufficient for someone to set up a full SCIRT CAD System, but it will allow a developer to select tools to incorporate with an existing system.


11.64 MB