Pro Forma Traffic Management Plan

The SCIRT pro forma was created to reduce the amount of generic and repetitive information in a Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

The pro forma Traffic Management Plan was created following industry feedback about the value of the content and the repetition of the information in Traffic Management Plan documentation.

SCIRT worked in collaboration with the local road controlling authority, the Christchurch Transport Operations Centre (CTOC), to create a new, more succinct pro forma.

To help TMP planners use the document correctly and understand what information was needed, a “how to” guideline was also produced and distributed at the same time as the pro forma.

A supplementary document was also produced to support all TMPs outside the SCIRT programme of works. This document included all local traffic management requirements as well as SCIRT personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements and processes, and was aimed at improving the level of compliance and safety across the industry generally.


 SCIRT Pro Forma Cover
SCIRT Pro Forma

A SCIRT pro forma created in May 2014 to reduce the amount of generic information required in a traffic management plan (TMP).


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SCIRT Pro Forma - How to use Guide Cover
SCIRT Pro Forma - How to use Guide

A guideline, created in May 2014, to show TMP (traffic management plan) planners how to use the SCIRT proforma.


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SCIRT Pro Forma - Supplementary Document Cover
SCIRT Pro Forma - Supplementary Document

A document, created in May 2014, containing additional information to supplement SCIRT traffic management plans.


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