Value of SCIRT

From the outset there was a determination that SCIRT would establish and maintain a focus on delivering value from its activities. The Value of SCIRT report describes the process and outcomes.

The Value of SCIRT report was finalised after the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) programme was complete and the ‘virtual’ organisation disbanded. It summarises the value for money achieved and was prepared in accordance with the Australian Government National Alliance Contracting Guidelines, Guidance Note 4, Reporting Value-for-Money Outcomes, September 2015.

Facing a horizontal infrastructure rebuild of immense scale and scope, the New Zealand government had sought a quick, effective and flexible response, value for money, and probity. Created in five months in 2011, SCIRT proved to be a cost-effective, efficient vehicle of multiple groups in an innovative collaborative arrangement to put the city’s civil infrastructure back on its feet.

The $2.2 billion five-and-a-half-year programme – funded by the New Zealand Government and the Christchurch City Council – involved over 600 individual projects across the city to repair and rebuild underground sewage, storm water and freshwater pipes, wastewater pump stations and roads, bridges and retaining walls.

The ever-evolving scope meant flexibility and well-defined processes were key, with breakthrough solutions required and created for this massive high impact programme of work.

Among other such details, the report:

  • Highlights the achievements of the SCIRT alliance objectives through facilitating and promoting game-breaking performances, the commercial model, high performance culture, innovative design and construction and value initiatives.
  • Demonstrates the attainment of the best price for the right scope during the extensive programme of works.
  • Showcases the innovative model that used both competitive tension and collaborative processes to drive performance.
  • Details the restoration of essential services that enabled Christchurch residents and businesses to take a big step back towards normality.

As detailed in the report, the outcomes of SCIRT include:

  • Industry best levels of safety, while delivering on time to budget.
  • Lifting construction quality outcomes in difficult work environments.
  • Accommodating changing funding limits and mixes while delivering continuous throughput.
  • Providing enjoyable work culture and experience to staff.
  • Engaging with and being recognised by communities, to a degree previously unknown in the city.
  • Delivery of value.

An in-depth analysis, the Value of SCIRT report captures the journey, details the multiple positive outcomes for the earthquake-hit city, and further proves the SCIRT adage:

“There is value in everything we do.”


The Value of SCIRT Report – Summary Cover
The Value of SCIRT Report – Summary

A document summarising the establishment, structure and outcomes of the Value of SCIRT initiative.


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The Value of SCIRT Report – in Full Cover
The Value of SCIRT Report – in Full

A document describing the origins, establishment and operation of a value management regime and framework that gave focus and improved performance of the SCIRT organisation.


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