Civil Contractors’ Environmental Guide

Initiated by the SCIRT environmental leadership group as a breakthrough challenge, the Civil Contractors’ Environmental Guide (CCEG) was created to provide contractors with environmental guidance across all project stages.

The initial content was compiled by SCIRT’s team of environmental advisers. This team interacted with site crews and regulatory authorities during the SCIRT programme. Over the life of SCIRT, simple and effective methods of control were adopted or developed that both helped in environmental management and met the expectations of regulators.

As SCIRT ramped down, the Canterbury branch of Civil Contractors NZ took ownership of the guide. It will continue to update the information. Environment Canterbury (ECan) will make the guide available to the industry via its website.

The objective of the guide is to provide guidance on how to prevent environmental harm when undertaking civil construction work. It provides helpful information on:

  • Industry best practices for an infrastructure construction site.
  • How to manage, control and minimise environmental impacts in line with the Resource Management Act, the Wildlife Act, the Fisheries Act and the New Zealand Heritage Act.


Civil Contractors' Environmental Guide Cover
Civil Contractors' Environmental Guide

A document which provides simple, easy to understand environmental advice and guidance for civil construction contractors.


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