SCIRT Standard Details

SCIRT standard details were developed to ensure a consistent approach to common design elements, and to save design time by providing a quick reference to an agreed standard design rather than creating new design drawings of the same element. For example, a standard drawing for a water supply backflow preventer.

Standard details also clarified the requirements of the Infrastructure Recovery Technical Standards and Guidelines (IRTSG) and the Construction Standard Specification (CSS), for example when the information was out of date.

Standard details were required because SCIRT’s four design teams had different approaches, potentially resulting in variation in the design outputs and confusion for Delivery Teams and sub-contractors.

Standard details were developed within the Technical Groups in consultation with:

  • Design Teams
  • Estimating Teams
  • Delivery Teams
  • Asset Owners
  • Asset Owners’ Maintenance Team representatives
  • Technical Leads
  • Manufacturers/Suppliers

The benefits of standard details included improved quality of construction through consistency of requirement, cost savings through reduced design and construction time, and more efficient operation and maintenance as details were standard across the network.

Once each standard detail was developed and approved by the Technical Leads, it was uploaded to Project Centre where it was available to both Design and Delivery Teams.

A reference index for SCIRT standard details and CSS details was compiled In order to clarify where conflicts existed between the two and where SCIRT standard details took precedence.

Many of the SCIRT developed standard details were adopted by the Christchurch City Council, and included in later versions of their CSS.


SCIRT Standard Details Combined Cover
SCIRT Standard Details Combined

A paper which indexes standard SCIRT details and CSS details including all SCIRT details.


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