A zip file containing:

  • Drawing Register template spreadsheets
  • A full collection of multi-discipline symbols used within the SCIRT drawings
  • Group and Catalogue files for setting up the SCIRT AutoCAD Tool Palettes
  • A 12d to AutoCAD Export Map File which 12d uses to export plans from 12d format to dwg format.
108.3 MB

A manual which provides SCIRT AutoCAD users with general guidance about how to use AutoCAD.

2.0 MB

A manual which informs SCIRT AutoCAD users of all tools, utilities, keyboard shortcuts, and tips available within the SCIRT CAD System.

1.1 MB

A manual which assists SCIRT draughters to perform quality draughting.

4.5 MB

A zip file containing the suite of SCIRT CAD customisation tools. This file contains:

  • SCIRT CAD LISP routines (198 files)
  • SCIRT CAD dialogue box files
  • a complete set of layer lists
  • a full set of text files containing the complete list of street names in Christchurch
  • templates and lists used for translating 12d outputs to useable dwg reference files
  • a full set of SCIRT CAD manuals

This file is not sufficient for someone to set up a full SCIRT CAD System, but it will allow a developer to select tools to incorporate with an existing system.

11.6 MB

A zip file containing the suite of SCIRT 12d training manuals and files.

24.0 MB

A document which sets out the 12d standards at SCIRT.

2.8 MB