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People and Culture : Creating the SCIRT Culture

Observers attributed much of SCIRT's success to the culture that created a unique environment and experience for team members, which, in turn, resulted in outstanding outcomes for the people of Christchurch.

Five fundamental principles were woven into the fabric of the SCIRT culture:

Programme Management : Civil Contractors' Environmental Guide

Initiated by the SCIRT environmental leadership group as a breakthrough challenge, the Civil Contractors' Environmental Guide (CCEG) was created to provide contractors with environmental guidance across all project stages.

Governance and Decision Making : Academic Paper: Earthquake recovery versus routine maintenance

A design guideline for post-disaster repairs could ease the rebuild pain for asset owners.

This paper, written by Paul S. Botha and Eric Scheepbouwer, suggests that post-disaster repairs to horizontal infrastructure could be heavily influenced by design guidelines provided by asset owners.

Programme Management : Master of Engineering Thesis: Evaluating Alliance Non-cost Performance Measurement

An abstract of a Master of Engineering thesis for the University of Canterbury. The research focuses on non-cost performance measurement and management of the Christchurch rebuild programme.

Programme Management : Academic Studies: Driving Innovation in the Construction Industry

Academic studies detailing how SCIRT used KPIs to drive innovation.