Initiated by the SCIRT environmental leadership group as a breakthrough challenge, the Civil Contractors' Environmental Guide (CCEG) was created to provide contractors with environmental guidance across all project stages.

The initial content was compiled by SCIRT's team of environmental advisers. This team interacted with site crews and regulatory authorities during the SCIRT programme. Over the life of SCIRT, simple and effective methods of control were adopted or developed that both helped in environmental management and met the expectations of regulators.

The use of global resource consents provided a consistent consenting framework across the SCIRT rebuild programme.

SCIRT's rebuild and repair works had to be carried out urgently and in an environmentally responsible manner.

In an effort to carry out the SCIRT programme in a coordinated and cost effective manner and in accordance with relevant legislation, SCIRT, CCC and Environment Canterbury (ECan) staff worked collaboratively to develop a suite of global resource consents and planning approvals. Some of these consents are attached below.

This suite of documents provided a comprehensive programme management tool for the definition, prioritisation, design and construction of interdependent projects within a central city environment. The documents were developed and used for an intensive post-disaster rebuild but had other applications with similar operating parameters.