A suite of 31 management plans were developed under the Interim Alliance Agreement prior to the start of SCIRT, to intentionally guide the organisation. These plans were reviewed annually and updated as required.

This Stakeholder Management Plan was one of these management plans, and it outlined the scope, approach and key deliverables for communications and stakeholder engagement for SCIRT's horizontal rebuild programme.

It set out the Operational Framework that ensured aligned, coordinated and consistent levels of communications and engagement across all channels.

The use of global resource consents provided a consistent consenting framework across the SCIRT rebuild programme.

SCIRT's rebuild and repair works had to be carried out urgently and in an environmentally responsible manner.

In an effort to carry out the SCIRT programme in a coordinated and cost effective manner and in accordance with relevant legislation, SCIRT, CCC and Environment Canterbury (ECan) staff worked collaboratively to develop a suite of global resource consents and planning approvals. Some of these consents are attached below.