School visits were an important communications tool SCIRT used to promote to children how to keep safe around its work sites and to inform local people about its work.

During its six-year work programme SCIRT's communications team conducted 170 school visits in Christchurch.

Talking to pupils, students and teachers about how to keep safe when there were SCIRT work sites in their neighbourhood was a key objective of the visits, and part of SCIRT's commitment to proactive, open, clear and timely communications with the Christchurch community.

Work site information days were a positive way to build relationships with the local community. The public was invited to visit the site on a set day and meet the people working there.

Work in residential, commercial and businesses areas invariably happened "behind the fences" for safety reasons. Site visit information days were proven to be an effective way for the local community to get up close to see the work and speak to the people undertaking the repairs.